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Chameleon plasti dip

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Chameleon plasti dip

Postby Misiowilk » Mon, 23 May 2016 11:40 +0000

Hi guys :)

Just want to share what i did with my mx5.
I will start with pictures and then writ a lil bit about process.





Ok, basicly i used only two colors of plasti dip and full proces took me around 4 hours.
Now, it was way to fast and I did a mistake doing it in the night so final effect was not as i expected and it far from perfect... but we all learn from mistakes
So... to help You not to make my mistakes I will give You some tips.

I was so surprised coz working with plastidip is so easy.
I used 5 cans of black color as prime coat and another 5 for chameleon effect.
I get wrong info as i thought chameleon coat is fully covering not transparent and coz of that i did not paint my car fully black, just make few coats of black.
Coz of poor light conditions I didnt put even coat of black so u still can see red coming out.
I used 6 - 7 coats of black and 4 - 5 of chameleon.

- wash Your car and be sure its completly dry - I did this part :)
- use a lot of primer to have even full coverage - fail this one (I used black as primer coz black is best for chameleon)
- be carefull when removing masking tape and dont tape on edges just leave a 1 or 2 mm to be sure platidip will cover gaps. - fail this one but still not bad ;)

You can use plastidip to make Your car any color u like they are comming in many colors, propably i will be doing my car one more time :)
Better if u buy it in big can like 1 gallon not spray cans. I used spray cans and u can see marks so next time i will use spray gun...
You can use electric one like B&Q have it for something like 50e
Plus after using almost 10 cans i couldnt move my finger and that was another reason that my job wasnt perfect... after few first cans u dont have power to press nozzle proprly :)

I get plastidip from carwrapdirect.com good prices and shipping from Ireland :)

I think thats all... if u have any questions feel free to ask.
I will do a video about it so check my Youtube channel for more info, some more details and DIY with MX5 and other cars :)

youtube: fixyourride 13

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Re: Chameleon plasti dip

Postby Steve » Tue, 24 May 2016 4:33 +0000

nice work Mike! I must pop over for a look. I used plasti-dip recently on the rear of the 4x4 (plan to do the wheels also). Wearing well so far and as you said, very easy to use.
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Re: Chameleon plasti dip

Postby malcolmer » Fri, 10 Feb 2017 7:35 +0000

Nice. What I like about the plasti dip is that you can go back to stock look easily.
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Re: Chameleon plasti dip

Postby Mrjim » Fri, 10 Feb 2017 5:49 +0000

Hi what is plasti dip :?:
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Re: Chameleon plasti dip

Postby Paddyman » Sun, 12 Feb 2017 10:22 +0000

Mrjim wrote:Hi what is plasti dip :?:

Basically it's plastic paint. Can be bought in aerosol cans or tins of paint which you would spray on using an air gun.
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