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The Rules

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The Rules

Postby Steve » Thu, 13 Aug 2009 12:37 +0000

The Rules

1. No spamming, trolling, illegal activity, flaming or other personal attacks, be they acrimonious or veiled in humour.
If you take issue with a Member's position, by all means speak your mind.
If you have a problem with a Member's religion, creed, national origin, sex, politics, associations or personal hygiene, take it to e-mail.

2. No bashing - Deliberately and repeatedly bashing the same brand, product or company will get you banned.
If you have a complaint or comment to make then make it once and make sure you have facts to support it.
If you have a specific ongoing dispute with a vendor, the forum is not the place to seek resolution.
Please work directly with the vendor to reach a resolution.

3. The Admins reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to edit or delete posts and/or to revoke Membership, so play nice.

4. Advertising,
You must have at least 10 posts to advertise (no spam posts to up your count!).
No spamming or commercial solicitation of any kind allowed on this site other than authorized individuals representing a sponsoring advertiser.
Companies/organisations are not permitted to advertise on the MX5Ireland.com forums/website unless that company/organisation is a sponsor of MX5Ireland.com.
You may not reference your automotive related business or URL in your signature, user profile, or your username unless you are a forum sponsor.
If you wish to sponsor a forum please contact info@mx5ireland.com

5. Buying and Selling,
you must specify a price in all "For Sale" posts or that post will be deleted.
Once your item has been sold please update your original post and append "SOLD" to the end of the post, so that people browsing the forums can easily determine what is still available.
The "For Sale" and "Wanted" sections were created for members to sell parts from their personal cars. These sections (along with all other sections) are not to be used to dismantle/part out cars that have been picked up with the intention to sell off parts for profit using the forums. Doing so constitutes a commercial post and will be removed at the discretion of the moderators. (see point 4)

6. Forum sponsors may, in addition to referencing their business, post advertisements in the "Company Advertising" section.

7. When a post is made, copyright to the post and other information become the property of the forum. In posting you are accepting that your creative content (ie your post) will be published by the forum administrator and owner, and also that they have the right to edit or do what ever they like with your post as they see fit.
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