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Meet up/hangover cure point Sat morning, 7 MX5's, 1 RX7 and a Triumph Stag

Route discussion

and... we're off (eventually)

and then we're stopped..

out of the city traffic and into Connemara


Twin Turbo RX7

"Jeasaz... could he not give the whistling a break for 5 min!"

"And one and two and one and two"

John Leamy's smoothen'd '5

back on the twisties

"Careful now"

mmm... apple sauuuce

The only '5 in the village

Frank's Stag

Ciaran's '5, v.nice seats!

Ciaran's '5 all his own work! Body work smoothen all round.

Ciaran's '5

No run is complete with out a gratuitous shot of Ashley's knob ;-)

Steve still hasn't figured out how the timer on his camera works..

Leenane boys FC


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