HOW TO .... Replace a Fuel Filter

Thanks again to Steve R.


Before you start, leave all sources of ignition in your house. Get
some rags for soaking up the petrol you WILL spill (not much tho

Stick yer head under the drivers side (under the car), back behind
the door but "just" infront of the rear wheel and you'll see a
flap/panel held on with a few screw/clips

Take off the panel and the filter is behind it.

Get a new filter + 2 golf tees (or biros)

Idle the car, then pull the fuel injection fuse (one closest to the
front of the car in the fuse box in the engine bay) and let the car
die, take off the petrol cap to release the pressure, then put it back

Undo the engine side of the filter first, stick a golf tee in where
the petrol is comin out, then the same with the other side and put yer
new one in (you'll see what I mean when you get under there.)

Put flap back in place an yer done!