This section contains information on all aspects of MX-5 ownership from changing the oil, to fitting a 1.8 diff to a 1.6 car, and importing a car yourself. It is growing all the time so if the information you need is not here, have a look next week. The write-ups are only posted when the job is complete.


If you drop, damage or injure your car/yourself or
any third party, we're not responsible, you use these write ups as a
guide ONLY and entirely at your own risk.

HOW TO... Replace a head unit
HOW TO... Refurbish your alloys


Replace a hood
HOW TO... Clear the drain holes
HOW TO... Convert your front indicators to clears
HOW TO... Fit a 1.8 diff to a 1.6 car.
HOW TO... Replace a front wheel bearing
HOW TO... Replace the fuel filter.
HOW TO... Fit a link ecu.
HOW TO... Move a tree from A to B
HOW TO... Service the front brakes (1.8)
HOW TO... Renewing the MX5's suspension bushes
HOW TO... Changing out the coilpack
HOW TO... Tierod replacement
HOW TO... Coil pack replacement
HOW TO... Clutch Master Cylinder replacement



Here's a list of information on everything from the NCT to importing a car from abroad.

LICENCE PLATE REGULATIONS Courtesy of Rob, here is a copy of the licence plate regulations. (Note section 20)
NEW OWNERS GUIDE So you've taken the plunge and bought a '5. Here Michael takes you through the do's and don'ts
THE TYRE TEST All you need to know about tyres, and loads more you don't need to know.
TAX RELIEF ON VRT The legislation governing tax relief on VRT when importing a car. Thanks again Rob.
CONSUMABLES Service parts and quantities for your MX-5